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Intellectual Property is an integral part of every individual’s work. Every creation that is the outcome of one’s intellect can be protected from being stolen through the enforcement of the Intellectual Property Rights. We understand the importance of protecting one’s intellectual properties and therefore our team makes sure that when you come to us your work is safe from all thefts.


Trademark being the identity of a business or corporate entity is a valuable asset. We provide guidance and professional advice for safeguarding the trademark of our clients and acquainting them with their rights, privileges and obligations emerging out from the ownership of the trademark. We also offer services such as brand name selection, clearance search, mottos, symbols and packaging.
We also provide professional services to individual and corporate bodies in identifying counterfeit products, amicable dispute resolution, enforcement of rights, resolving electronic trade mark matters, arranging franchise, investigation to uncover unlawful practices e.g. unfair competition, breach etc.


Copyright is the right that protects one’s creative expression of ideas. Due to modern technology copying has become very easy due to which copyright infringement is widespread. It is highly difficult to prevent copying things that are uploaded on the internet, but wrongs can be remedied through the procedures established by law and we, provide full assistance for the same.
Our lawyers are experienced in all procedures starting from registration for the copyright till the enforcement of the right and the inhibiting of infringing practices.
We also assist our clients in investigating any possible infringement and keep a watch on any possible breach of their intellectual property.

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